All-in-one document generator for financial markets.

Generate term sheets, KIDs or any other transactional document. Quickly, without mistakes and always within the guidelines of your branding.

All-in-one document generator for financial markets.


Transforms your data into company branded documents.

Safe & Secure

A protected environment, closed off to external parties.

Multiple devices

Only one license is required to use ProductTwo on multiple devices.

What is VI ProductTwo?

ProductTwo is a lightweight digital automation tool that helps you generate complex documents for the financial market. It helps you to avoid mistakes, and spend less time on dull documents. Just fill in the forms, and we do the rest.

To get an impression of what ProductTwo can offer, watch this 5 minute video.

What’s inside?

Export to Microsoft Word

Convert your data into a custom made .docx template.

Copy or Import Microsoft Excel data

Use the copy/paste feature or import .csv’s to convert your data directly in the tool.

Generate Documents in any language

Easy set-up for multilingual supported documents.

Cloud Auto-save

No need to worry about saving your files. The auto-save will run after you’ve entered data in every input field.

Import market data coming soon

Directly import market data from any source with our API.

What’s inside?


ProductTwo enables me to instanly generate flawless term sheets.

Together with the team at VI Company we made a custom fit for our sales process. That enables us to spend less time on creating transactional documents and reduces the lead time for our sales.

Frequently Asked

Can I test the tool first?

Absolutely. You can request a demo by filling in the form via our demo request. We will contact you to set up a demo that fits your needs. We are happy to show what ProductTwo can do for you.

Can you only export to Microsoft Word?

At the moment, yes. If you need any formats we can always discuss the priority on our product backlog.

What if I want to add someone new to my team?

Adding a new team member is not a problem. We’re developing a new feature to make sure you can do this by your own, but for now we can setup a new account by e-mail, free of charge.

How does the pricing work?

We handle our business as flexible as we handle our product. Contracts are therefore adaptable on a monthly basis. The same counts for our plans. Our plans support you as you grow. We are happy to tell you more about our plans in person and make an exact fit for your situation.

Do I need any advanced technical skills to use ProductTwo?

If you can fill out a form, you can manage ProductTwo. Our tool is user-friendly and targeted for everyone. Our tool is designed to avoid mistakes. If you like to know more, please let us give you a personal demo.

How will my privacy and data be handled?

With a proven track record of handling sensitive data and information in the investment industry we understand the importance of security. Providing you with a safe and secure environment is, and always will be, one of our top priorities. For more information please read through our security page.

Is an integration with other systems and applications possible?

Not yet. We are developing an API to make ProductTwo even more flexibel. If you have any suggestions you can reach out via or give us a call at +31 10 714 44 578.

When should you use VI ProductTwo?

We have made a document generator specifically for the needs of financial markets. We create amortisation schemes on the fly. Add the right disclaimers and trading days with the selection of a single fixing calendar.


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VI Company is a Fintech software consultancy focused on simplifying the Financial Markets together with our partners. Our clients include PGGM, BNP Paribas, ING, KMPG, Unilever and many others.

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We design and develop solutions for our clients. These range from deep analyses of current challenges to developing custom software.

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